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The NEOLAiA alliance is designed to achieve ambitious goals reaching to 2030 when we see ourselves as:

A strong, highly integrated European University representing a mainstay of European values and high-quality education for all the member university regions.

An open and inclusive educational and social environment, fostering equity at university and in European society at large, ensuring that the diverse communities within academia and in the regions feel connected and committed to work together to face the challenges of Megatrends and improve well-being for all.

A model international educator motivating widening cohorts of students to engage in innovative research-informed and socially relevant study programmes crossing the borders of disciplines, research areas, countries and cultures, keeping pace with the digitalization of teaching and learning and at the same time cherishing personal contact and a tailor-made approach.



Our way to realize the vision

Objective 1

  • Empowering regions and its citizens to prevent populism: The implementation of new mobility schemes for exchanges, innovative courses involving students and prospectively also junior and senior members of the public in virtual mobility experiences, joint research projects and entrepreneurship programmes will support and accelerate the development of the regions and their internationalisation.

Objective 2

  • Empowering inclusion to discover hidden talents: the activities of NEOLAiA alliance are shaped by the principles of widening participation and inclusion, driven by the concept of equity in education and research. The diverse populations in NEOLAiA non-metropolitan regions will benefit from policies and programmes tailored to remove all kinds of barriers. We are convinced the principles of equity will help us discover hidden talents, develop everybody’s potential, and achieve excellence in both teaching and research.

Objective 2

Objective 3

  • Empowering digital natives to connect Europe: NEOLAiA universities pool their expertise, resources, and facilities to motivate the generation of digital natives: digital student card, shared mobility databases, and research platforms are the first steps that will help students make their European study experience smooth and international, fully focussed on their needs and interests rather than limited by administrative and bureaucratic borders. Our goal is to make our students’ dream – European education at its best: Enroll easily, study internationally, learn interculturally, graduate jointly – a reality.

Objective 4

  • Empowering democracy to improve well-being: As we believe the ultimate goal of education and research is to improve the well-being for all, we feel committed to provide our students not only with knowledge and research experience but also with values and skills crucial for empowering democracy and meeting the challenges of the globalized world – critical thinking, active citizenship, a socially engaged attitude, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Students and graduates should understand people’s needs and be ready to help develop everybody’s potential.

Objective 4

Objective 5

  • Empowering courage to master global challenges or Megatrends: We live in the age of unprecedented global challenges which will be faced particularly by the generations of our students and prospective students. We thus feel responsible for equipping them with the competence and courage to meet the challenges and be prepared to respond. The focus on the concept of Megatrends addressing the far-reaching global patterns evidenced in the contemporary world is a distinctive feature of the NEOLAiA alliance and the unifying characteristics of the teaching and learning innovations envisaged. The objective to bring our students up in the culture of preparedness and encourage them to become game-changers corresponds with the tasks our students set for the European universities of the future: Change the rules, innovate the system, transform the world.