NEOLAiA begins broadcasting

In this episode, we are going to prove how Anchor works and how available is to upload audio files to this platform in order to have our own Neolaia’s podcast.

The European society of our time faces daunting challenges. To tackle them we need a new brand of European response, a stable alliance that connects us in a deeper way than ever to rise up to the challenge.


Neolaia is exactly that alliance bringing together universities from small and medium-sized European cities beyond the metropole. These educational institutions nurture European talent which is unique, turning our rich regional diversity into a powerful tool to solve the key questions of our time. We are young universities with not only the power but also the commitment to reach excellence. 


Today we already are important drivers of innovation and social change in our regions and we strive to do the same not only across the European Union but beyond. In doing so, Neolia will increase the enormous potential of our region’s core challenges such as global warming, digitalization, demographic shifts and urbanization affect the largest cities and regions in different ways this calls for radically different responses.


Neolaia is the alliance that provides those responses by empowering regions. It brings together dynamic universities that promote inclusion and provide digital natures with the personalized responses they’re looking for; this strengthens democracy and empowers its members to become game-changers.


Neolaia breathes new life into the European experience our students are ambitious diverse and talented our societies on the future of the eu will benefit greatly from the full expression of their potential research and teaching excellence spark innovation when students and academia think out of the box educating our students in a culture of entrepreneurship and quantum change is a key task of the European universities of the future this paves the road for change innovation and wholesale transformation of the world around us this is our responsibility and we feel privileged to rise to it we are determined to help our students fulfill their vision to study internationally to learn interculturally and to graduate together in other words european education at its best the ultimate tool to improve the welfare of our entire society the neolier alliance is carefully designed to achieve our ambitious goals we will be a strong and highly integrated european university representing our core european values and delivering education of the highest quality nail layer will be the kind of environment that fosters equity and collaborative work for the benefit of our entire citizenship we will build together with our students a shared open and inclusive university for a new european dimension.



Bielefeld University (Germany)
University of Jaén (Spain)
Örebro University (Sweden)
University of Ostrava (Czech Republic)
University of Salerno (Italy)
University “Ștefan cel Mare” of Suceava (Romania)
University of Tours (France)
Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania)