The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted opportunities for physical mobility of higher education students. Consequently, institutions are exploring alternatives to international exchange by focusing on teaching excellence.

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What we want to achieve

General Goal

Our broader goal is to transform internationalization, away from its current understanding as a bonus for the mobile elite, towards prioritizing the rights of students to gain global perspectives and skills as an inherent part of their higher education.

Specific Goals of the Project


Enhance excellence of teaching

The project aims to enhance excellence of teaching and learning at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) by supporting and training academics to upskill and innovate their pedagogies to address the needs of students.


International classrooms

To create inclusive international classrooms.


Equip students with global competences

To embrace a new complex role as International Educators who are prepared to equip all students with global competences and harness the diversity in their classroom.

Implementation of the course

Professional Learning Communities

Introducing and piloting an innovative format of professional development, Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), that use transdisciplinary groups of diverse stakeholders (academics, non-academics, and students) in a collaborative and intercultural approach that allows for continuous professional development of international teaching skills

Action Research Methodology

Providing the Professional Learning Communities with action research methodology and instruments that interconnect education, research and innovation, so that academics can work collaboratively on their educational interventions, in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research, and reflect on their trajectory to innovation


Documenting and learning from experience

Documenting the experiences and learnings of the participants in the pilot Professional Learning Communities and disseminating these through webinars, publications, extensive partner networks, multiplier events and other activities so that other Higher Education Institutions may use the PLCs

Involving decision makers

Involving university decision makers in the project to create sustainable ways of capacity building of Higher Education Institutions in internationalization of curriculum and developing and implementing strategies that reward and incentivize excellence in teaching through Internationalization of the Curriculum.

The backbone of the project

The Team

The project team will integrate transdisciplinary educational and research perspectives and develop and coordinate all the project activities and results. It will take advantage of the diversity of its team members, which includes researchers, teacher trainers, evaluators, curriculum design experts, university decision makers as well as a transatlantic perspective.

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