What is NEOLAiA?

NEOLAiA is the alliance of young European Universities for digital natives, which stands for inclusion, provides personal and tailor-made answers, strengthens democracy and encourages its members to make a difference, becoming game-changers. 

Which is our main objective?

NEOLAiA wants to raise the potential of our regions. Empowering regions means strengthening democracy, preventing populism, fostering inclusion, exploiting the potential of heterogeneity, countering extremism, and making excellent research and teaching an everyday experience.

Which are our work areas?

We are working daily on developing a wide range of innovative activities in the areas of Teaching, Diversity, Inclusion, Mobility, Research, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Dissemination and Extra-curricular Activities (geared towards the creation of a multilingual and multicultural European University).

What does the European Universities initiative stand for?

The aim of this initiative is to bring together a new generation of creative Europeans capable of cooperating across languages, borders and disciplines to address societal challenges and skills shortages faced in Europe.

What are the universities comprised in NEOLAiA like?

The engine of this well-balanced strategic partnership and the soul of our universities is the perfect embodiment of diversity, the highest commitment to European values, the fresh spirit and creative drive of young universities, strong regional connectivity, and an ideal starting position for developing application-oriented, technological and entrepreneurial knowledge and its transfer to the regional environment.

What / Who do we want to empower?
  • Regions and their citizens to combat populism. 
  • Inclusion to discover hidden talents. 
  • Digital natives to connect Europe. 
  • Democracy to improve well-being. 
  • Courage to master global challenges.
Can your institution be part of NEOLAiA?

If you are part or the representative of a university or institution that is aligned with the NEOLAiA values and interested in cooperating with us in one or more of our activities, feel free to contact us.

How can you contact us?

You can send us a message through https://neolaiacampus.eu/contact/ or an email to info@neolaiacampus.eu.