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NEOLAiA Consortium firmly condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine

Mar 4, 2022 | Europe

flag of ukraine

NEOLAiA Consortium firmly condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine and joins the support of Ukraine and all its people.

ukranian flag in the cityThe NEOLAiA Consortium wishes to express its solidarity with Ukraine and strong condemnation of the military action by the Russian troops in the sovereign territory of Ukraine which violates international law and human rights. The Russian Government should immediately cease fire and start peace negotiations.

European nations have learnt the lesson that only peaceful coexistence can bring prosperity, welfare and economic growth in our regions.

Through this statement we would like to strongly support all Ukrainian citizens, many of whom are our fellow academics, researchers and students. The ties we have with Ukrainian Universities may only grow stronger and we gladly leave our aid at their disposal.

NEOLAiA strongly believes in empowering democracy to improve well-being for all. We feel committed to providing our students not only with knowledge and research experience but also with values and skills such as critical thinking, active citizenship and a socially engaged attitude in order to contribute to strengthening democracy, fostering inclusion, promoting European values and enabling the new generation of Europeans to work and cooperate together across borders, cultures and languages.


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