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NEOLAiA promotes diversity and inclusion during its last meeting

May 11, 2021 | Regional

students at ostrava university

NEOLAiA promotes diversity and inclusion during its last meeting in April

The seven European universities that are part of the NEOLAiA group, under the coordination of the University of Jaén, addressed in their last meeting held in April one of its strategic objectives, called ‘Diversity and Inclusion’, which aims to ensure that a positive approach to diversity becomes a trademark of the organisation, as important as excellence in research and teaching.

In this respect, the consortium will develop a Common Diversity Policy that promotes European values with the involvement of all stakeholders. In addition, the partnership will develop two digital tools to ensure accessibility and inclusion, which will be deployed across all NEOLAiA campuses and sites. These are ‘UniMaps’, which will offer numerous possibilities and features that will be explored and developed among the NEOLAiA members (room-to-room route planning, easy-to-read language, stair or lift de/selection, additional information by scanning QR codes, etc.), and an online portal on digital accessibility.

On the other hand, the consortium made progress in Focus Academy, specifying the topics of all the courses that will be offered in the 7 universities. In the case of UJA, the course will be called ‘Complex Systems Approaches To Respond To The New Challenges In Public Health And Policy Interventions’. In addition, the common structure that the courses will have is been organized, and  the work on the contents is starting.

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