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New inclusion course for NEOLAiA students thanks to Bielefeld University

Apr 28, 2022 | NEOLAiA Journal

student boy walking into Bielefeld University

Bielefeld University invites NEOLAiA students to join a course on “International Perspectives on Education. Inclusion and inclusive teaching materials in different countries”.

Bielefeld University (Germany) designs a block seminar, within a course on “International Perspectives on Education. Inclusion and inclusive teaching materials in different countries”, that focuses on comparing the educational systems in the Czech Republic, Sweden and Germany in order to share the experience with other NEOLAiA students, mostly from Örebro University (Sweden) and the University of Ostrava (Czech Republic). The seminar is offered in a hybrid form aiming at future Blended-Intensive-Programs.

Aim of the course

The aim of the seminar is to introduce the field of International and Comparative Education with a focus on inclusion in school systems in three different countries: Czech Republic, Sweden and Germany. Knowledge of the functionality of national systems is important in any discussion of (comparative) education so we can contextualize different educational systems. Education is a highly nationalized matter with its characteristics connected to the sociopolitical, cultural and historical frameworks of each country. Therefore, inclusion is understood differently in each country. That affects the school systems themselves as well as the transfer of learning content. Herein, learning materials are of main importance. These are often labeled as inclusive by publishers or content creators, however, this labelling is rarely tied back to a clear theory or understanding of inclusion.

In order to become familiar with international perspectives on education and inclusion in education, we will look specifically at selected national education systems in Czech Republic, Sweden and Germany. Thereby, we gain a deeper understanding on how matters of inclusion/exclusion play out in different educational systems. Based on these insights, an international comparative approach deepens the understanding of specifics, differences and similarities of national systems. In order to apply this knowledge, we later engage with Inclusive Teaching Material as a core element of teaching and learning settings. This ultimately involves the critical evaluation of existing learning materials by the students.

Content of the course

Through the course readings, comparisons and evaluations students learn and reflect about different educational systems and how they are mirrored in everyday practices/materials. Students will gain knowledge of educational systems in Europe in order to:

  • (1) critically reflect on the one(s) they are most familiar with and
  • (2) develop a reflexive approach towards some of the challenges different national and local school systems face in general as well as in particular in the area of realizing inclusive education. Additionally, the critical and reflective work on matters of inclusivity within learning materials
  • (3) equips students with practical teaching and inclusion related competencies.

The seminar is a great chance for NEOLAiA students to get together and exchange firsthand experience with their peers from the other NEOLAiA universities and countries and gain new insights into the Diversity and Inclusion NEOTrend.

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