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Rectors of NEOLAiA founding universities join forces

Jan 27, 2020 | Events

rectors from 6 university members of neolaia

The rectors of the NEOLAiA universities meet in Prague as teams from the different institutions join forces to complete the project.

After almost one year of work, the members of the NEOLAiA alliance met in Prague on January 27th and 28th in the last face-to-face meeting before submitting the proposal.

This workshop took place after a series of meetings held throughout the fall of 2019 in Madrid, Brussels, and Berlin, where, in addition to bringing together ideas and advancing on the key points of the consortium, representatives established close links which helped to shape the proposal in a fertile climate of understanding and cooperation.

In this last meeting in Prague, several presentations were made to the Rectors of the different universities and other representatives (students, teachers, and staff).

The first morning focused on what NEOLAiA means for its members, the different work programmes proposed, and the consortium’s corporate image. Thereafter, Rectors signed a framework agreement of collaboration among the six initial universities and held a panel discussion to solve doubts and share perspectives, with a lunch hosted by the University of Ostrava. Subsequent work finalized the budget and the proposal was approved by all members.

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