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What is it about

Three labs address the thematic of migrations from different views:
- CITERES lab stands for the Centre for Cities, Territories, Environment and Societies and hosts a team dedicated to social and policial construction of territories;
- DYNADIV lab focuses its research on Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Sociolinguistics and Language Didactics;
- ICD lab is dedicated to the research upon Cultural and Discursive Interactions with a particular focus on "Culture&Politics: policies of cultural diversity" and "Writing&other discursive practices: freedom of creation, esthetic diversity".

Coordinator of this line

Mrs. Noria Semmoud:

Coordinator Profile

  • CITERES: Mrs. Noria Semmoud:
  • DYNADIV: Mrs. Isabelle Pierozak:
  • ICD: Mrs. Elisabeth Gavoille: 

University in charge

University of Tours (France)